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What is an Agreed Divorce?

Avoid the cost of litigation with an Agreed Divorce

An Agreed Divorce can build on the goodwill of two people willing to work together, so as not to cause unnecessary conflict by embracing an amicable and transparent process from the start. An Agreed Divorce requires a commitment from both spouses wanting to adapt a different path from the traditional divorce.

An Agreed Divorce with Evans Family Law Group involves an experienced attorney Board Certified in the practice of Family Law whose purpose is to guide the client through the entire process, ensuring that children, property, finances, and assets are all addressed with creativity and customized court orders where needed to achieve a legal and binding agreement that is approved by the Court.

All in all, an Agreed Divorce is not about there being a winner or loser. It is the primary goal of the Evans Family Law Group for a client committed to an Agreed Divorce to set a positive tone for life after divorce, avoid unnecessary conflict, foster collaboration, and accelerate the healing process.

Evans Family Law Group serves Williamson, Travis, Bastrop, and Hays Counties in Central Texas.

  • Avoid costly courtroom litigation and expensive negotiations between lawyers.

  • Achieve a desired outcome with minimal conflict and relationship damage.

  • Resolve differences amicably and in an open and transparent manner.


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An Agreed Divorce is ideal for spouses who can commit to trusting each other to be transparent about their finances, the valuation of their assets, and issues related to the children

  • Pricing starts at


    Our Standard plan is designed for clients with less complex estates and planning needs and are in agreement on the terms of their divorce.

    • Flat rates start at $2,500 depending on the needs of your case*
    • No hourly billing, flat rate includes all time by Evans Family Law Group
    • Case is overseen by an associate attorney
    • More suitable for less complex estates
    • More suitable for the client with a firm understanding of their financial needs
    • More suitable for spouses in agreement on the specific terms of their divorce
    • More suitable for spouses who desire to have control for the outcome of their case
    • More suitable for parents committed to an agreed outcome in the best interest of the children
    • More suitable for parents with more traditional family arrangements
    • No courtroom litigation, such as a hearing or trial before a Judge
    • No spouse will be served with citation, process, or court papers by process server
    • No litigation, no subpoenas, no formal discovery, no depositions
    • You and your spouse control the outcome; nothing is presented to the Court without the consent of both spouses
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    * Because filing varies by county and not all cases require additional out of pocket expenses, the flat rate does not include certain out of pocket expenses such as the initial filing fee, fees associated with division of retirement plans, processing title transfer documents, or certified copies of court documents. These expenses, if applicable, will be specifically disclosed at your initial consultation and set forth in the agreement for representation to avoid any surprise and allow you to plan for such expenses.
  • Pricing starts at


    We've designed our signature plan for the client with a more a more complex estate, unique custody or parenting plans, or the client who prefers more direct attorney oversight by Mr. Evans, a Board Certified Family Law Attorney.

    • Discounted Retainer of $3,500
    • Billed hourly, at a discounted hourly rate
    • Case is personally overseen by Mr. Evans
    • Drafting is personally overseen by Mr. Evans
    • More suitable for complex estates
    • More suitable for the estate with advanced tax planning requirements
    • More suitable for the family with unique custody and parenting planning needs
    • More suitable for the client in need of assistance with understanding and planning for future financial needs
    • More suitable for the client who prefers customized planning, ideas, and option generation for your unique circumstances
    • More suitable for spouses seeking a gender neutral approach to divorce and creating parenting plans
    • More suitable for the client who has a high degree of trust and transparency with their spouse, are in agreement to be divorced, but have yet to come to a formalized agreement on specific terms
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  • Conventional
    Contested Divorce

    Texas Average


    with kids


    without kids

    Contested divorces can be expensive and time consuming.

    • High conflict
    • No control over the outcome which in litigation is uncertain and unknown
    • Outcome of the case is determined by a Judge
    • Process if litigation and attorney driven
    • Expensive, impossible to predict costs
    • Requires spouses to turn against one another
    • Seeks to establish a “winner” and a “loser”
    • Children suffer from the ongoing conflict

No Winners and Losers in a Custody Fight

Children are the most valuable asset parents have. It is well documented the long term damage that can be done to kids caught between Parents engaged in a high conflict for custody.

The fear of "losing" custody causes one parent to escalate the conflict against the other. In return, the constant emotional turmoil and leaving the decision to a judge to decide what is in your child's best interest, often comes at an enormous emotional and financial cost. While in litigation there will be a "winner" and a "loser", the kids often can't see or process the difference. All they see, feel, and absorb is conflict.

Yet, for two good parents who desire to avoid this and can work together to fashion an agreed parenting plan, there is a better way. This is where Agreed Divorces can make all the difference.The process of an Agreed Divorce at the Evans Family Law Group encourages collaboration and agreement between parents deciding what they know to be in their children's best interest.

Why leave such significant decisions in the hands of a Judge (with respect to our judiciary) who have never met you or your children and will only come to know you through the evidence presented in the course of a short hearing?

Enter the Agreed Divorce Attorneys at the Evans Family Law Group stand ready to offer many ideas and options for parenting plans, custody agreements, and visitation arrangements, including customization for your particular circumstances if necessary. The process of an Agreed Divorce is far less expensive, achieves a faster resolution, and gives parents the ability to have control over the parenting plan and the outcome of their divorce.

“I highly recommend Evans Family Law. I had never hired an attorney before so was very nervous about the process. I first met with Jimmy who put me completely at ease. Later I worked with Elizabeth who was extremely helpful and caring. I have felt like I have been in good hands throughout a hard and sensitive time. Jimmy, Elizabeth, Jenni and everyone at Evans Family Law has been kind, respectful, caring and wonderful to work with.”

Katharine Hostettler

How Agreed Divorce Works

Most Agreed Divorces can be completed within 120 days.

As long as both parties to the agreed divorce avoid conflict and have transparent communication throughout the process, things will run very smoothly and quickly. If documents are signed in a timely manner, then an agreed divorce can be finalized in as little as 120 days or less. There are exceptions to this timeframe, but generally things can be completed quickly as long as all parties stick with the plan.

Free Consultation

Explain the process, identify key issues, answer questions, outline a plan, about 1 hour.

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Work Out the Details Using Our Online Questionnaire

Texas law requires that all couples wait a minimum of 60 days before the divorce may be finalized. During the waiting period, the couple works with our family law counselor to agree on the settlement, including child custody, visitation, division of assets, finances, liabilities and other options.

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Review and Sign Final Documents

Upon completion of the Agreed Final Decree of Divorce you and your spouse will compete a final review. Upon approval, you and your spouse will be asked to sign and return to the Attorney. For your convenience you can now submit all signatures electronically through any touch screen device.

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File Your Petition

Original petition is filed in court on behalf of the initiating party, then shared with both parties to maintain transparency and good will. No constable will "serve papers".

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Draft the Initial Divorce Decree

Once you complete the initial agreement a staff will create a working draft of a Draft of an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce for your review. Any revisions will be made by one of our staff, subject to revisions by you, and thereafter an attorney will be assigned to review with you and complete the final draft that meets the terms of your agreement. 

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Finalize Divorce

Once the Decree is signed by both parties, you will need to schedule a time with our office to finalize the Agreed Divorce in court. This step is referred to as a "prove up".

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  1. Free Consultation
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  2. File Your Petition
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  3. Work Out the Details Using Our Online Questionnaire
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  4. Draft the Initial Divorce Decree
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  5. Review and Sign Final Documents
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  6. Finalize Divorce
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About the Firm

The Evans Family Law Group specializes in the practice of family law in Central Texas

Our practicing manager and founder, James W. Evans, known as "Jimmy", is Board Certified in the practice of family law since 2010 and has been recognized by Texas Monthly Magazine as a Texas "Super Lawyer" in 2015, 2016, and 2017. With extensive experience in the family law areas of custody and divorce, Jimmy brings his considerable courtroom and litigation experience to assist couples who are able to reach an agreement and provide support to couples who are able to dissolve their divorce amicably.

With Jimmy's experience in litigation and family law, he is able find solutions that meet the needs of the entire family. For purposes of an uncontested divorce, Mr. Evans believes that the “legal solution” is not always what’s best for the family; that this is a question best left for the parents and the parties themselves to decide what’s best. You may need assistance with ideas on how to handle issues related to your home, how to handle debts, liabilities, special needs for your spouse or your children, or other issues related to custody and visitation.

There are times when clients need guidance on how to handle family business issues, the sale of a home, the refinancing of a business or a home, how to handle debts or liabilities of the other party, or other issue that require legal advice.

We believe that if we can bring dignity to a couple that is in agreement to divorce, that this is something we want to give back to our community. Our obligation for couples working through an uncontested divorce is to guide you through the process, remove as much anxiety in the process, and take the agreement you reach with your spouse and make that work for purposes of an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce which will be approved by a Judge. We will work hard to strive and help you come up with a practical solution that will work for both you and your family members.

  • Evans Family Law Group BBB Business Review

Contact an attorney now at the Evans Family Law Group for your Agreed Divorce needs

Our Divorce Attorneys work on many agreed divorce cases in Williamson County, Travis County, Bastrop, and Hays Counties as well. Our Austin Divorce Attorneys offer a free consultation and oftentimes can make arrangements to work through phone conference or electronically, such as Skype, if necessary.

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“If you’re Googling around for a divorce attorney like I was in early 2020, just want to say that I feel for you. You’re gonna be okay. Contact Jimmy and his team, ask questions and see for yourself. I’m very grateful I did. Jimmy called within hours of me emailing his office and thoroughly explained how the agreed divorce process works. Once my now ex-wife and I were ready to do the deed, his team made the process as smooth and dignified as such things can be. Can’t recommend EFLG enough.” – Josh Loposer (see review on Google Maps)

“I couldn’t have had a better experience with Evans Family Law. A divorce is never easy but Mr. Evans and the team at Evans Family Law made it as smooth as it could be. I appreciated how honest Mr. Evans was with me from the start and helping me understand all the steps in the process. And throughout, they were responsive with every question I had and quick to accommodate changes (thank you Dina). It was an un-contested divorce and there were no issues that arose, luckily. Julio De La Llata was great in court and I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Thank you!!” – Elizabeth Sykes (see review on Google Maps)

“Jimmy and his team were very professional and understood this was a very emotional time for both of us. He explained the process in detail and had patience with both of us. Our divorce was uncontested and when meeting with my ex wife he made her feel comfortable which avoided stress and emotional issues. The process went exactly as Jimmy explained and it was resolved within a matter of weeks. I gave him a Retainer and after all the issues were resolved he gave me a sizable refund. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone that requires a honest and professional attorney.” –  (see review on Google Maps)” – James Wagner (see review on Google Maps)

“Took care of my uncontested divorce with great care and information. Was able to contact them with ease by phone and email if I needed updates. Made the process of filing for divorce quick and thorough.” – Jerry Rodriguez (see review on Google Maps)

“I’m so grateful to Evans Family Law. I had a wonderful experience. I hired them to handle an uncontested divorce that ended up being a bit more complicated. Julio and Jimmy were professional and knowledgeable and helped me through a very hard emotional time. Julio has a very calming personality that helped offset my anxiety. Jimmy (Mr. Evans) is very seasoned and can assess the overall situation very quickly saving time and money. I have nothing but kinds words and praise for the entire staff. If you are looking for a caring professional law firm to handle one of the most stressful situations of a lifetime, these are your guys.” – Jennifer Cameron (see review on Google Maps)