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If you are considering a divorce in Bee Cave or your spouse has served you with divorce papers, get the help and answers you need from a divorce professional immediately. At Evans Family Law Group, one of our Texas Certified Family Law Specialists can meet with you confidentially, at no cost, to discuss an initial divorce filing or response to a divorce petition.

Reach out to Evans Family Law Group for skilled divorce representation by legal professionals. Our attorneys are:

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  • Skilled in all areas of family dispute resolution and trial litigation.

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How an Experienced Bee Cave Divorce Attorney Can Help

An experienced Bee Cave divorce attorney from Evans Family Law Group will act as your guide, legal advisor, and advocate through the Texas divorce process. This means more than ensuring your divorce paperwork is filed correctly and promptly.

Your divorce attorney will help you solve any outstanding issues, including but not limited to:

  • Property and debt distribution;
  • Division of retirement accounts;
  • Alimony;
  • Child custody and visitation; and
  • Child support.

All of these must be decided before the court approves a divorce agreement. Otherwise, the judge will hear testimony and evidence and resolve these matters on your behalf.

Learn how Texas family law applies to your circumstances by speaking with an experienced Bee Cave divorce attorney at Evans Family Law Group now.

Divorce Requirements in Bee Cave

Texas has residency requirements and a “cooling off” period for divorce. In Texas, one spouse must reside within the state for six months before the filing of a divorce petition. That spouse must live in the county the petition is filed for three months before any paperwork is filed.

Texas has a sixty-day mandatory waiting period before a judge will grant a divorce. It does not matter if the divorce is agreed upon or uncontested. However, there are exceptions for domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse can affect the Texas divorce procedure. An experienced Texas divorce attorney can explain if these measures apply to your case.

Uncontested Vs. Contested Divorce in Bee Cave

Texas offers both uncontested and contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses agree on EVERYTHING. There are no matters for the court to resolve.

The judge must still approve the final divorce order and associated documents to ensure they meet all of the state’s legal requirements. Even in an uncontested divorce, it is imperative to have an attorney review any paperwork for correctness and make sure your legal rights are secure.

A contested divorce is any case where the spouses disagree on ONE or more issues.

Grounds for Divorce in Bee Cave

Texas offers fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. In Texas, the no-fault grounds for divorce are insupportability of the marriage and separation of three or more years without marital relations.

In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse must accept blame for the breakup of the marriage nor prove the other did anything to cause the divorce. No-fault divorces are typically faster and less expensive than fault divorces.

Fault divorces can be filed for reasons such as:

  • Adultery;
  • Long-term confinement to a mental institution;
  • A felony conviction and incarceration; and
  • Abandonment.

Always consult a Texas divorce attorney before filing for a grounds-based divorce, as these require evidentiary proof and may not benefit you.

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Evans Family Law Group understands that no two spouses are alike, no two divorces are alike, and there are no solutions that fit every client we meet. Like the individuals involved in divorces, there are multiple divorce filings and resolution methods we can tailor to meet your needs.

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