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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

Telling your children that you are going to divorce is not simple, but it must be done. How you handle this process may define what your children think and feel for years to come. If you are getting a divorce…

Parenting Plan Guidelines and Agreements

Divorce and separation change the way people have to interact and care for their children. Parenting plan guidelines and agreements aim to streamline the process, providing parents with a way to create a cohesive plan to meet their child’s needs. Yet, they…

What are Grandparents’ Rights?

Many adults have confessed that being a parent is wonderful, but becoming a grandparent creates a unique relationship filled with happiness. It is a right of passage that many parents look forward to after their children grow up and have…

Do Unmarried Fathers Have Parental Rights in Texas?

If you are a father in Texas and are unmarried, it is not unreasonable that you may be incredibly concerned about your rights. It is imperative to properly work through the court system to establish your rights as a parent….

When To Request A Child Support Modification In Texas

Many situations can affect your income. You may be laid off from work. You may have suffered a serious accident that prevents you from working. These situations can affect your ability to make your child support payments. Despite your setbacks,…

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