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Child Visitation Rules in Texas

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In the family law code the standard visitation schedule suggests that visits should occur during the first, third, and fifth weekend (which occurs three times a year) of the month—so basically every other weekend. The visits start Friday at 6pm because the code presumes you work and accommodates for travel time from work to pick the child up. These visits last until Sunday at 6pm, the idea being to work around the child’s school schedule and allow time for school work and to get ready for bed. Usually this arrangement also schedules a weekly visit on Thursday from 6-8pm.



However the standard visitation schedule is just a starting point: when parents are actively involved Judges may exercise their own discretion to alter the schedule. Signs of active involvement are things like making time for parent/teacher conferences, doctor’s visits, and attending extracurricular activities, or in other words trying to keep up with the welfare and wellbeing of the child. In the Family Law Code the standard arrangement is only a starting point for Judges. If you can convince a Judge that the standard arrangement is not in the best interest of the child or not working out, Judges have the power to arrange something else.

James Evans is a board certified family attorney and can help you obtain the optimal visitation schedule for both you and your child.

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