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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

Telling your children that you are going to divorce is not simple, but it must be done. How you handle this process may define what your children think and feel for years to come. If you are getting a divorce or separating, learn how to talk to your children by considering their experiences, thoughts, pain, and reality carefully.

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Steps in How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

You know your children. You also know the amount of pain, suffering, fear, and worry they likely have over what is to come. Follow these tips to ensure they receive the information they need in the best manner possible when filing for divorce in Texas.

Tell the Truth

You do not need to provide all the details or violate your privacy. However, tell them an age-appropriate reason why the divorce is occurring.

Tell Them What Will Not Change

Divorce brings with it significant change, but for children, what they are worried about is how it will impact their lives. Start the conversation by sharing what will not change, such as things like the love and respect you have for the child or that they will have the ability to spend time with both parents.

Discuss What Changes Are Likely

You will need to talk about what changes are likely, such as factors like where they may live or what their day may be like moving forward.

Make it Clear You Love Them

Not only do they need to hear that you love them, but also that there was nothing they could have done to make divorce happen or to help you avoid it. Discuss with them openly about the importance of being honest with yourself about what is and is not working.

Try to Answer “Why” Honestly But Without Blame

When they ask why this is occurring, it’s important to discuss what divorce is, what it means to families, and why it occurs. However, do not blame the other parent or the child. Avoid statements like, “You know how your dad always yells at me…” or “You know when you misbehave your mother and I do not agree…”

Avoid Arguing

Avoid situations where the child is given the ability to argue with you. Be matter-of-fact, with some level of respect. The key here is not to give your child the implication that they can somehow control what happens next.

Know When to Get Help

Your child’s life is about to change significantly. There is no doubt that they deserve to be able to be heard. Sometimes, meeting with a professional to discuss this can help. That could include a mediator or someone who can advocate solely for them.

Let Our Legal Team Work with You

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