No Words

We recently received this beautiful, unique testimonial from a client. Though she claims to have “no words”, we disagree: her words were lovely and moving. We’d like to share them with you.

Needless to say, today has been quite a day.
It is cliche to say that there are no words, but there really aren’t. But please bear with me as I search my suddenly healing heart for some.

The quiet night embraces me tonight.
Breathing even feels better.
Freedom is finally mine to have.
Peace and sweet childhood that has for so long been waiting for my children; they have arrived.
Life in an instant changed forever when justice was served today, when Tati and Nate were served today.

God worked through you, Jimmy, every step of this long, hard journey. With your controlled tenacity and warm heart, you fought this thing to the end for us and I hope you know how incredibly grateful we are for you and to God for allowing our paths meet.
The dedication you have had to this case, to our family, to me, and to Tati and Nate will never be forgotten. During trial, I felt the dance you spoke of, and I thank you for taking the lead.

Charles, your careful attention to every detail. Your ability to maintain a witty and human approach to everything was often times the thing that kept us sane. At trial, you kept me composed, you helped me stay focused, and at peace-no matter what anyone else was saying or what was happening around me.
I thank you for carrying me.

Julio, Dina, Maritza, and the entire EFL Group, your professionalism and commitment; I may not have seen every one or everything that was done, but your resounding presence was felt every step of the way.

Mrs. Jenni Evans, from one mother to another, thank you for understanding and facilitating the dedication, countless hours, investment, and life that Jimmy had to breathe into this process to keep it alive.

I can honestly say that no matter if the outcome had been different, my sentiment and gratitude to all of you would be the same. Each and every one of you put your hearts and souls and diligence to our case–to our family- and for that I will eternally be grateful.
May God continue to guide you and work through you.

Evans children, Charlie and Avery, thank you for the hard work your Daddy has done for our family. Your Daddy is a very caring, helpful, and giving man and because of him, I am now able to say my kids have the same in their Daddy.