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Fault Divorce 101

Couples whose cases have no potential for amicable resolution in the immediate future are in family law known as “at fault” divorce. In these cases there are grounds of fault in the case such as: acts of infidelity, domestic violence, or drug and alcohol abuse. In tense emotional cases like this above all you need a litigator.

You need someone who brings a certain set of skills, who not only understands the interpersonal dynamics of the couple but also the dynamics of the courtroom, the law, and how to interact all of that in front of a judge or jury. With cases like these all of these elements are crucial and they all come crashing down when your case enters the courtroom.

Traditional family lawyers rarely have to try a case in court and are often unsure of how to approach to these types of cases (in the US 95% of cases are settled outside of court). James Evans is board certified in family law and unlike traditional family lawyers Mr. Evans has extensive experience presenting cases in front of a judge or jury and he has tried hundreds of cases in court.

Divorce and custody disagreements are the kind of circumstances that can cause emotional crisis—it’s redefining your life. When you are facing a case likely to be settled by trial you need a steady hand, someone who you can trust, someone who has been there before.