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Four Types of Texas Divorce

Agreed or uncontested cases

Agreed or uncontested cases are appropriate when the parties are able to work things out mutually to an amicable resolution. Uncontested simply means the other party is not contesting the case so in a way it is an agreed or amicable resolution.

Mediated resolution

Mediated resolution is when both parties attend mediation with a neutral attorney who guides the parties through a negotiated process to arrive at an amicable resolution. Mediations can last a half day or sometimes a full day. Under the right circumstances and the right frame of mind mediation is a very successful tool to resolve cases amicably.

Collaborative law model

The collaborative law model is in many ways is similar to the mediated model. In this scenario each party has their own attorney and additionally they use mental health professionals and specially trained professionals with expertise in finance and conflict resolution, called financial neutrals, to help guide them through a series of meetings. Each meeting covers a separate agenda where both parties keep minutes and take notes. The idea behind the collaborative model is to have a transparent negotiated process that both parties agree—by signing the agreement—cannot be used in court. This agreement is recognized by the family law code. Over the course of these meetings the parties resolve their issues to arrive at an amicable agreement.


When parties cannot engage in mediated or collaborative divorce, or under the circumstances neither of those processes makes sense, you have to litigate. Litigation involves courts, evidence, hearings, and a trial.

James Evans is board certified in family law and Evans family law group handles all of these different types of cases. Mr. Evans has handled more than fifty mediated settlements and more than one hundred agreed resolutions. He has handled more than one hundred jury trials and is certified in the collaborative process and has handled many of those cases as well.

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