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How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Court proceedings can be long, arduous, and often very expensive. Finding a way to come to a consensus on the finalities of a marriage can be beneficial in terms of cost, time, and mental anguish. A mediator may be the avenue you take when pursuing a divorce.

To better understand divorce mediation and work with a professional for comprehensive law services, contact a family law group in Texas knowledgeable in divorce litigation.

Choosing Mediation

When you think of divorce, your mind may often envision dynamic court proceedings. However, you may be able to settle the divorce outside of court or minimize the length of the court process. One way to settle is through divorce mediation.

For many, mediation is an effective way to resolve disputed divorce issues. An uncontested divorce in Texas is one where couples have agreed on critical factors such as property division, child support and visitation, and alimony. Even if you don’t agree on everything, you may choose to use mediation through court proceedings to help minimize the conflict that can build over time.

What Will I Need for Mediation?

There are items you can bring to mediation that will help you be better equipped for the information you need to cover. There will be a lot of topics to discuss. Being prepared is essential.

  • Documentation: If you have already started the proceedings, bring any documentation relating to your divorce. These documents can help a mediator understand where you are in the process.
  • Financial statements: Bank statements, loan information, credit card statements, and any other information on your financial status will be essential.
  • A list of assets: Properties, vehicles, boats, and valuables such as jewelry and art will need to be considered in the division of assets.
  • A list of important matters: Write down any questions or areas that are particularly important to you to have answers for. It is not uncommon to forget these items in stressful situations.

Topics of Discussion

You will want to be prepared for lengthy conversations during the mediation process. Parties in a divorce often get tired throughout the process, and it becomes easy to lose focus and your civility.

Child Support and Custody

Most couples’ primary goal is the care of their children. Establishing support amounts will be determined by following the state’s established guidelines and calculations. Your child may have unique expenses related to healthcare, school activities, or other areas of interest that you will need to discuss.

If the parties in a divorce cannot amicably decide on custody, a judge may order child custody mediation. The goal is always to seek the best outcome for the child showing no favoritism to either parent.

Division of Marital Property and Other Assets

A mediator will help determine how to divide properties acquired during the marriage. Additionally, you may plan to split retirement accounts. You will need to create a qualified domestic relations order to do so.

Spousal Support or Maintenance

Having a representative from a family law group in Texas can help you understand state law and how to calculate support needs. Understanding your financial obligations is imperative.

Civility in the Divorce Process

Mediation is a resourceful way to agree on divorce, making the process easier for everyone involved. And working with Evans Family Law Group will help you make divorce as civil as possible. We have years of dedicated experience walking couples through the journey of divorce.

Our dedicated team will assist you no matter how complex your needs may be. We strive to help you find closure so that you can move on with life. We are a trustworthy team you can count on.

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