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Steering Your Divorce Toward a “Conscious Uncoupling” Experience

The term “conscious uncoupling,” a healthy, positive relationship break-up process pioneered by nationally acclaimed author, speaker, and therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, recently made headlines during the celebrity divorce of the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and Coldplay band-leader, Chris Martin. All celebrity appeal aside, the process is gaining traction because it promises a more amiable, cooperative outcome than the usual painful and contentious results most divorce cases create when “best friends” turn “worst enemies.”

In a nutshell, “conscious uncoupling” is a way to manage a relationship breakup with loving care, effectively containing the experience in the space of understanding, so that healing may occur for all parties involved, including children.

In her book, Conscious Uncoupling, Ms. Thomas describes how to transform the end of a relationship into a mutually satisfying transition – one that heals past sufferings, heartache, and disappointment, while setting the stage for an empowered and inspired life after a breakup.

At Evans Family Law Group, we agree with the tenets and advocate the concept the “conscious uncoupling.” In fact, over the years, we have handled hundreds of divorce cases, and we always advise that a cooperative, friendly divorce is the best alternative to achieving satisfaction for everyone at a fraction of the cost.

Our divorce and family law attorneys are trained and skilled in negotiating the details of an agreed and uncontested breakup. And, our first resort is always to achieve a swift and painless dissolution of the marriage contract, through a mutually agreed settlement, so that both husband and wife can move on with their respective lives, bearing in mind the best interests of any children affected by the split.

Whether the case is mediated, negotiated or litigated before a judge, our attorneys stand in the gap to reduce the stress, minimize the pain and alleviate frustration, not only for our direct clients but for all the members of their affected family.

You may not be a Hollywood actress or celebrated rock star, but if you are considering filing for a divorce, consider the benefits of a less stressful, mutually satisfying and positively healing breakup experience, akin to “conscious uncoupling.” Contact us at Evans Family Law Group, and let us educate you on the positive agreements, structures, and divisions of rights and properties we have employed in the past, to achieve a more harmonious breakup when all parties work together through calm counsel.

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