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What is the Role of a Family Law Attorney in Divorce

Imagine some of the most challenging situations in your family history. You may wish there was someone to offer guidance and suggestions on achieving the best outcome. This is the role of a family law attorney.

Every family has crises, despite economic status, size, or ethnicity. A skilled family law attorney in Texas can work with your family, helping you navigate unexpected incidents and stressful times. We understand our work will profoundly affect the lives of the people we serve.

The Role of a Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys need excellent skills in mediation, negotiation, and advocacy because of the broad spectrum of needs they serve. They often serve families in some of the most intimate times in their lives, so it is vital to work with a family law attorney that you feel comfortable sharing with. How can a family law attorney help you if you are seeking a divorce?

Divorce Proceedings

Of adults between 55-64 years of age that have been married, approximately 43% of both men and women have experienced a divorce. The percentage for individuals over the age of twenty is not much lower. A family law attorney can be very beneficial during divorce proceedings, offering guidance on aspects of divorce such as:

  • Division of assets, debts, and liabilities
  • Division of the marital home
  • Custody issues
  • Financial decisions regarding savings accounts and retirement funds
  • It is important to note that a family law attorney can offer valuable insight into family dynamics and work for the best outcome of your entire family in divorce.

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

Both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements establish how assets will be divided should a marriage dissolve. A prenuptial agreement may be established when one partner brings a significant amount of assets to the marriage, has children from another marriage, or expects to have a large inheritance in the future. Postnuptial agreements can be more challenging as they address assets considered marital property.

A family law attorney can help you with these documents so that you are prepared and have a plan that both parties entering into marriage feel comfortable with.

ChildCustody Cases

Custody cases can result from divorce proceedings with the parties unable to agree on custody terms. Additionally, in cases of child neglect or abuse, a family law attorney can help place children with other family members, either temporarily or permanently.

Additional Duties of a Family Law Attorney in Divorce

A family law attorney in Texas can offer a wide range of skills and abilities needed in divorce proceedings. They can:

  • Draft and negotiate contracts
  • Attempt to resolve disputes
  • Litigate contested matters
  • Discharge emotionally volatile situations

Establishing a family law attorney as an advocate before you need one may be beneficial. This way, you are prepared whenever the need arises.

A Focus on Family Law

When your family needs the help of a family law attorney in Texas, choosing the team that has dedicated their entire practice to family law is the best way to know you have knowledge and experience on your side. There is no family matter that Evans Family Law Group finds too small to represent.

We offer support in family law because we understand when divorce happens in a family, it has far-reaching effects and can alter lives forever. We want to see the best outcome for you and give you peace of mind.

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