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Austin Child Support

In the family law code one of the most contentious matters can be child support:“how much is he going to have to pay me?” or “how much am I going to have to pay?”

Calculating child support is very easy in cases where the primary income earner’s compensation is in the form of a salary, for example an individual workingforty hours a week with no commission, overtime, or fringe benefits, and with no special needs children involved or other unusual circumstances. In straight-forward cases like that the standard formula is20% of net resources for one child and 25% for two children.

Competent representation is more important in other types of caseswhere the primary breadwinner’s income is not as conventional: for examplehe owns his own business where he payshimself, he pays other people, and he has his assets split between several bank accounts, a stock portfolio, and a 401k. In situations like that you have to litigate, which necessitates obtaining and interpreting the financial information yourself because often litigation results in parties becoming less transparent and less forthright with financial information.

If you are hiring an attorney to pursue assets in this type of case you need an attorney whose firm has a background,like the Evans Family Law Group, in banking and accounting and who can dissect and analyze financial statements. James Evans is a board certified family lawyer and the Evans Family Law Groupputs this specialized skill set at your disposal to assist you with your child support cases.

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