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Hispanic Community Lawyer Fights for what’s Fair

The Hispanic community has a loyal friend when it comes to fighting for what is fair.

Jacinto Espinoza married Margarita Silva to form the home of their dreams. And from the fruit of this love, months later, their adored and beautiful Carolina was born. Everything was joyous up until Jacinto discovered the reality of it all. Margarita remained married to another man.

“When I found out about everything, all I wanted was a divorce. I felt deceived”, says Mr. Espinoza. “The divorce proceedings could have ended better but she [Margarita] took my daughter and left to the Valley of Texas without my consent. That’s when my real problems began. I wanted to be with my daughter but was unable to locate her. Since I was undocumented, I was afraid of going to look for her in fear of the checkpoints.

Cecilia Naylor also suffered a dilemma. Her child, Pedro, had spent the first years of his life without a father. It was there that Cecilia met David, a loving and honest man who took the role of a father to Pedro. “My son was very happy to have received the love and attention that he had missed. However, since David was not his biological father, he was unable to receive medical benefits from my husband’s insurance.

Sometimes the laws of this country go against the love and feelings of people. On one hand, immigration prevents a father from fighting for his daughters happiness, and on the other, the health insurance policies prevents the infant from receiving any benefits.

“I did not know what to do, I felt disoriented”, says Jacinto. “I was in distressed by the limitations that my son had”, argues Cecilia. But like the old saying says, nothing bad will last forever… for the solution for these parents will soon come.

“Through several referrals I met the lawyer James W. Evans, and after doing some research on the kind of work he did, I decided to hire him”, explains Jacinto. “I consulted another lawyer in the beginning, but he did not give the proper attention and dedication to my case. However, with the attorney Evans I always had positive results. Although the process was a little long, because my ex-wife was hiding making it difficult to be served for court, everything turned out to my favor.

Cecilia’s testimony is very particular: “We saw his advertising, then we made inquiries to several lawyers, but in the end, Evans gave us more confidence when we talked to him. That’s why we decided to give them case to him. The adoption process was a bit long, but the attorney Evans would always report back to us on the status of the case. In fact, he even gave us his personal phone number so that if we ever had doubts or questions we would be able to call him at any time. Time passed and everything returned back to normal in the lives of Jacinto and Cecilia. Both children now count on the legal support of their parents.

“Carolina, after I received parental rights, is in great health, with all checkups and vaccinations up to date. She is learning a lot in her new school. She is extremely happy just like me. I’m starting to live my life again”, excitingly concludes Jacinto. Cecilia concludes: “Peter is very happy. We no longer have to worry about anything.”