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What to Know About Social Media and Divorce

Sharing the intimate details of our lives on social media platforms has become so common that individuals rarely consider what impact sharing can have on a life, especially when going through a divorce. But social media posts are public information, and the information put out for the world to like or comment on can be used against you in divorce proceedings.

Consider this information if you have social media accounts and are in the process of divorce. Even when accounts are set at their most private settings, the information can still change the outcome of a Texas divorce. Shared posts can impact critical aspects of divorce, including asset division and child custody in Texas

Social Media Considerations During Divorce

Consider these tips to protect yourself during a divorce while using social media.

Step Away

It may not be necessary to delete a social media account, but taking a break from posting or commenting during the divorce process is worth considering. Sharing a picture of a day out enjoying retail therapy may seem harmless but can be influential regarding the division of assets in Texas. Comments, photos, and likes that appear harmless to you can be used to tell a different story when a marriage is ending.

Think Before You Share

If you feel that social media is something you need to continue to participate in, consider these behaviors and how they may reflect on the outcome of your divorce.

  • Sharing posts or engaging in conversations about the details of your divorce;
  • Posting pictures with a potential new partner or date;
  • Sharing photos or allowing others to tag you in posts that reflect behavior that can be misconstrued as negligent, such as smoking marijuana, drinking, or participating in partying behaviors;
  • Changing your relationship status;
  • Deleting previous posts making it appear that you are hiding something.

Protecting Your Privacy

People are rarely without a phone, allowing for pictures to be snapped and shared within seconds. Talk to the people you interact with in life and on social media about your privacy during the divorce process.

  • Ask your friends and family to refrain from sharing photos of you, tagging you, and sharing information on your page that could reflect poorly on you. 
  • Change your passwords so that a partner looking to harm your reputation cannot access your account.
  • Always be honest with your attorney about how you have used social media.
  • Assume there is always the potential for a picture to be taken and shared. How would your actions at the most unassuming time influence the divorce?
  • Refrain from interactions with your partner, their family, and friends.

Protecting Your Relationship from Social Media

Social media can significantly distract us from our daily lives and potential conflicts with our partners. Interacting with others instead of a spouse often complicates an already stressed relationship. Consider if time spent on social media platforms is causing additional harm to your relationship.

Navigating a Texas Divorce and Social Media

Many couples will experience divorce in life, but the details of your relationship during a divorce are best kept from social media. Protecting your privacy can help ensure you are treated fairly in a Texas divorce. 

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