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Child Support & Child Visitation

What a relief—your divorce case or child custody suit is finally over and the offending party has been issued a court order requiring them to turn over assets and/or provide ongoing support.

Of course, what if one party refuses to uphold the terms of that order? Then, it seems you are left in a position not much better than the one from which you began. And although you might feel overextended and helpless, you most certainly are not. You are entitled to the assets (the overdue child support, the visitation rights, the alimony, and anything else) that were legally mandated in the court’s order.

Refusal to uphold a court order is a serious crime and there are well-guarded legal methods for ensuring the enforcement of these orders.

Child Support Enforcement in Texas

It’s this simple: if a parent misses one child support payment, fails to compensate the child’s guardian for the required medical insurance, or refuses payment regarding a child’s medical expense, they may be placed in contempt of court—as upheld in the Texas Family Code.

Placement in contempt of court may result in time in probation, jailing, continued fines and additional compensation for ongoing legal fees.

Child Visitation Enforcement in Texas

It’s not uncommon for a parent to ‘take matters into their own hands’ and deny visitation to the other parent of their child. If the denial, or habitual abuse of visitation terms (sudden rescheduling, tactics of deception), violates a parent’s court-ordered visitation rights, then the denying parent is in clear violation of the law.

Often, a parent who has majority custody of the child may (falsely) believe that they are entitled to manipulate the agreed-upon terms of custody. This is simply not the case. Until a court of law says otherwise, you are entitled (in absolute) to the terms of your child custody arrangement.

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