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Children And Divorce

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There are any number of factors that may lead a couple down the difficult path of divorce. It’s not a divorce attorney’s job to speculate on the origins of the rift, however, it is our job to draw up a divorce agreement that will satisfy the logistical, financial and emotion requirements of all parties involved. This includes the children.

As you’re already well aware, staying with your spouse exclusively on behalf of your children is a long uphill road, and while we certainly applaud your good will, there may come a time when you are unable to make it work—for you. In the event that you (or your spouse) decides to proceed with a divorce, you should seek legal council to help ease everyone through the transition.

Divorce & Children with Special Needs

Couples raising special-needs children or children with a disability experience a significantly higher rate of divorce when compared to the national average—according to numerous studies, the divorce rate for parents of a special-needs child is somewhere between 80-90%. But when it comes to matters of family and children, it’s not about statistics; every situation is wholly its own. All we want is for you to know that we understand how demanding and emotionally taxing a divorce can be (especially when it involves children) and that Evans Family Law are here to help.

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There are specific considerations to be made when crafting a divorce agreement in regard to custody, visitation and support for special-needs children. For 17 years, Evans Family Law Group has practiced solely in the field of Family Law. For this reason our Austin family attorneys are acutely aware of the legal and emotional ramifications a divorce may have on a young person’s psychological development. We work with divorcing couples, and their children, to reach an agreement that will do its best to preserve the emotional well-being of everyone involved.

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