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Before you can collect child support or claim visitation rights, you will need to establish the paternity of your child. If the presumptive father is unwilling to provide a DNA sample for testing, you may file a petition with the courts requesting a DNA Test to Establish Paternity. At that point, a DNA test may be ordered by the court and the presumptive father is required to complete the test in a reasonable, court-approved time frame and setting meant to ensure verifiability of the test.

What Happens Next?

If the alleged father’s paternity is confirmed by the DNA test, then they will there forth be responsible for child support, and potentially to provide compensation for additional child raising expenses (medical, educational, etc.) as decided on by the court, or agreed upon by your legal council. Additionally, once paternity is confirmed, the father may request visitation rights or partial custody should it befit the child.

Reasons It May Be Necessary to Establish Paternity

• Claim child support
• Receive compensation for medical insurance and other expenses for the child
• Establish the child as heir to their father’s estate
• Determine visitation and custody guidelines for both parents

Paternity & DNA Testing in Texas – Evans Family Law Group

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When it comes to establishing paternity, it is not simply a matter of ‘wanting to know’ who the father is. It is the acting parent’s responsibility to establish paternity if ever they, or their child, may want to seek child support, or other compensation for child-related expenses.

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