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Custody Modification

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My original decree didn’t have a lot of language in it that was very specific, it was all very generic so we kept running into issues that the two of us couldn’t agree on and it was deeply impacting the children.

Jimmy had guidance for me from day one all the way through the last day and I followed it 100 %. I truly believe that’s why we got the outcome at the end of the day that we did because I listened to every single thing he told me to do.

I felt that they truly cared about me, truly cared about the kids and cared about the outcome. It wasn’t just billing non-stop. They made me feel like family.Outcome

I had the best outcome I wanted if not better. Some of things that were ruled in our favor we didn’t even ask for. I actually believe it’s because some of the things that Jimmy brought up during the litigation process.

Custody Case

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I had a difficult case. Before all this started I had expanded standard custody. I had very limited time with them.

I was looking for an attorney who could take on such a difficult cast with a difficult other party.

I needed an attorney to help me get through all of that on top of getting me more time with my kids and getting my kids back home with me.

When I first sat down with Jimmy and explained my situation he looked at me in the face and said this is going to be a very, very long battle, but we’re going to get there.

It was two years with several court dates, there was a lot of counseling and guidance. Jimmy guided me, he walked me through everything, he guided me, he told me everything I needed to do and helped direct me.

Jimmy was impeccable. The whole team was always there they always helped me.

If I did something wrong Jimmy would tell me, if I did something right he would tell me.

There was a trial, I was put on the stand, my kids father was put on the stand, that was the moment that really changed everything. That was the moment where all of the hard work and all of the step-by-step that I had to take, that Jimmy, Katherine, and Elizabeth helped me through, really came out.

Jimmy in the courtroom is very stern, very blunt but he is very settling. He got me through it. He is very detailed, very organized, on top of everything and he’s very protective. He had my back through it all.


My outcome was absolutely everything I could have ever asked for.

In the end I was awarded full custodial. I was awarded the exclusive right to make medical, educational, psychiatric, every decision about my children.

They’re back home with me full-time.

If I could recommend Jimmy and pass out his card to anybody and everybody, I would stand with a sign on the side of the road and say hire Jimmy Evans.

Custody Case

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When I engaged Jimmy Evans as my lawyer, I was in the worst possible situation. I was so far behind the eight-ball. The courts had already been engaged, they had already made a decision that I disagreed with, and the path forward for me did not look good.

When I first came in I felt like it was me versus everybody else, and Jimmy made me quickly realize that I wasn’t alone.

He gave me a plan. If I’m your lawyer this is what I’m going to do. The fact that he could instantly see through the process and make a path for us to follow made it easy for me to choose him as my representative.

Once we’re in the courtroom it was immediately obvious that, one, Jimmy was respected…

…it was obvious that Jimmy was well respected and well-known in that courthouse.

My personal outcome would not have been possible without Jimmy Evans.

Jimmy was brilliant.

Custody Case

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We had four boys with special needs so there were a lot of doctors’ appointments and things like that and on paper it looked pretty cut and dried that I didn’t have much of chance to have any involvement outside of what she dictated and she alluded to that several times that there was no point in resisting because she was going to win.

Jimmy really, really understood that I wasn’t just fighting to keep them here; I was fighting to keep them stable and in their comfort zone.

Jimmy did a really good job in understanding what my story was and helping me tell my story to the jury and the judge so they saw the real picture, what was really going on versus what was black and white or on paper.

It was an eight-plus day jury trial and she called in a lot of family to testify for her. Jimmy was able to pointedly ask good questions of their witnesses as well as mine because he was so well informed.

We were able to tell my side of the story and the jury was able to see that so when the verdict came down I was able to get primary custody. The kids were restricted to staying in Travis County near their doctor, near their therapists, near their friends, near their schools…there were several other things that went in lock-step with those decisions.

It was a landslide in my favor.

I thank Jimmy and his law firm for being able to make that happen.

If you’re going through this, find someone like Jimmy to tell your story.

Divorce and Custody Case

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Mr. Evans clearly new the judges….was very capable and prepared.

Mr. Evans came across as a much better attorney than my husband’s Congress-avenue high-priced law firm attorney.

I was very nervous. I couldn’t believe I was here doing this. What a step I was going to take and what kind disasters could befall me because I knew it was going to be a tough fight. After my meeting with Mr. Evans I felt like there were real possibilities, while this would not be a pleasant experience I would have the support of a whole group of people who would be able to answer my questions and be able to pursue what I felt was right for me and my daughter.

I had excellent communication both with the paralegals, the rest of the staff, and with Mr. Evans, if I needed to speak with him he got back to me right away.

Every financial statement that I received from Evans Family Law was detailed it was complete, it was accurate.
Mr. Evans and Evans Family Law went above and beyond what we paid and the outcome was worth absolutely every penny.

Divorce and Custody Case

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Jimmy is an attorney that understands you as a human being. After hiring Jimmy I never questioned myself. I felt very confident from day one that I had hired the right attorney.

Jimmy was always more prepared, Jimmy had more knowledge, Jimmy had more experience.

I was amazed by the amount of preparation Jimmy did.

He had a passion to win for me.