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Complex Property Division in a Divorce

Separating is hard enough already. An inequitable division of property can only add to the feelings of fracture.

It’s often said that children are “caught in the middle” in a divorce. Assets can be caught in the middle, too. Those assets can include businesses, investments, savings, insurance policies, inheritances, additional homes, and many other kinds of assets you do not want to become collateral damage.

To divide property fairly is always complex. Valuating and tracing property is a crucial early step in the fair division of property.  Typically, some of the assets are communal, but others are held by one spouse. Most assets are by both spouses, but some are “hidden.” Property-division becomes even more complex the longer a marriage is, or the more one spouse had to “sacrifice” to attain the assets that may technically be held by the other spouse. Liabilities and debts also must be taken into account.

A divorce can be an unpleasant but necessary healing process, or it can be a catastrophe, often depending all too much on how the property is divided up (and on why it is divided that way). To divide property fairly your divorce attorney needs a combination of legal experience, business and financial savvy, and a strong conscience.

The Austin divorce attorneys at Evans Family Law Group have over 20 years of experience in handling complex property-division in divorce cases. Contact us today.

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