Contested Divorce in TX

Contesting a divorce can be a very stressful, lengthy process, and it can become quite unpleasant if the conflict erupts. Under the watchful guidance of the skilled and experienced attorneys at the Evans Family Law Group – located in Austin and Bastrop – we will guide you through the proceedings until an amicable resolution is reached in your case.

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Two Scenarios in Contested Divorces

  1. One party to the proceedings does not believe that there are sufficient grounds for a divorce. The divorce is being contested, and one party to the cause of action does not want the divorce. Under this scenario, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately. This is especially true if your spouse has filed a petition for dissolution of marriage with the court, or if they are contesting the petition that you have filed. After the petition is filed, either party to the proceedings can request a hearing before the judge to dispute or formalize the grounds for divorce in Williamson County. James W. Evans has years of experience as an Austin, Texas family lawyer, fighting for the rights of clients going through contested divorces.
  2. Both parties realize that the divorce action is inevitable, but they cannot come to an agreement on the terms. They are in complete agreement that they should be divorced, but the terms are unacceptable, which is contested. Some disputes that may occur in this scenario include arguments over real property ownership, alimony, child custody, personal property, joint-business ventures, and other things that may be important to the parties that are involved. Visit our property division page for further information. This is the most common type of contested divorce, and you will need the services of a competent Williamson County lawyer that can help you navigate the process to get an outcome that is in the best interests of everyone involved.

Whatever the case may be, contested divorces can take many months to resolve, and even years in some cases. It is not advised to attempt these proceedings on your own. Our Austin divorce lawyers are extremely knowledgeable on contested divorces, and they have years of experience in representing parties on both sides of the table. Our attorneys strive to reach an outcome that is satisfactory to our clients while making an attempt to reduce the stress and burden that comes along with the process. Contact the Evans Law Group today to discuss your case.

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