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Not every divorce is a fight to the bitter end between mortal enemies. Your spouse and you are just two people going through the formal process of legally dissolving a union. And although you both want to get on with your lives, separately, that does not necessarily mean you wish to harm each other in the process—not to mention when children and families are involved.

Can you make divorce mediation work?

Divorce mediation is for couples that want to go about their divorce in a civil fashion, as two mature people, outside of the courts. It is also the job of a divorce mediator to help facilitate this process, handling the legal side of the proceeding and offering personal advice when needed.

The divorce mediation process does require a strong commitment to civility from both sides, however, an experienced mediator may be able to bridge the communication gap should a breakdown occur along the way.

Practical Reasons for Divorce Mediation

You save money – Spending less money on legal fees means that however your assets end up being divided, there will be less money taken from the pool.

Non-traditional arrangements – A divorce mediator will help divorcing couples interested in finding a creative custody solution or dividing assets in an unorthodox way.

Texas Divorce Mediation – Evans Law Group

Evans Law Group provides divorce mediation for couples committed to working through their divorce outside of the courtroom. For the past 17 years, we’ve helped couples reach agreeable terms in a way that works for them. Engage in an informal sit down with one of our mediators today and decide if you think the process is right for you.

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