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Evans Law Group works with families in Bastrop County, including clients from Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Smithville, Paige, and Elgin. Working with Austin’s premier family-law firm is convenient. Whether you have a divorce case or choose divorce mediation, we can help. Check out our quick guide on divorce costs, and read on to find out more about how we can help you at our Bastrop office. (By the way, if you know a young person headed to college, check out our scholarship for Bastrop-area students.)

We handle a wide range of divorce and other family-law cases, including:

We are familiar with the judges and with many of the family law attorneys in Bastrop County.  In some cases that may mean we have a good relationship with the people involved , and in other cases we simply know the “other side.”  Either may benefit your case in ways subtle or significant.

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Filing for a divorce in Bastrop County: quick but important facts

Your divorce case begins in earnest when we send the petition to the District Clerk. It will be at least 60 days before the case will finalize, if not longer.

One reason it may take longer is the Bastrop County courts are somewhat overloaded. In 2017, Judge Christopher D. Duggan and the President of the Bastrop County Bar association petitioned for the addition of a fourth judge to meet the demand.

As of this writing, there are three divorce courts in Bastrop County, all located at 804 Pecan Street in Bastrop, TX: the 335th District Court, the 21st District Court, and the 423rd District Court.

Divorce cases are divided up equally between these three courts, and the clerk is responsible for assigning cases. You won’t know which judge you will get until the case has been placed on the docket.

You’ll get to meet the judge at least once, because even in a true uncontested divorce the law requires at least one of the divorcing spouses to show up and to affirm the baseline facts of the divorce case. 

Once your case begins, Bastrop County automatically creates a temporary protection order, which immediately applies to both spouses.  That order prevents both you and your spouse from taking certain actions. Although it is meant to prevent certain kinds of abusive behavior, you may need something stronger in place if you are in danger. For instance, the order will not remove your spouse from your home.

You can read the entire text of the Bastrop County standing order here. It is important to understand what you may or may not do during the early stages of your divorce. The temporary protection order from the County will be in place until your divorce suit is resolved.

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