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Family law is the area of civil law governing domestic relationships and legal obligations between individuals. Often these individuals are related by blood or marriage. Family law issues touch most people at some point in their lives and typically arise from marital or romantic partnerships. At Evans Family Law Group, our team of experienced family law attorneys are available to provide you with professional guidance and practical solutions to all of your family law needs regardless of their source. Whether you are entering a marriage, seeking child custody, or dissolving a long-term union, our Bastrop office will:

  • Provide you with a complimentary consultation via phone, video, or in-person;
  • Listen to you and ensure you understand how Texas law applies to your case; and
  • Create a personalized strategy to resolve your family law matter while protecting your legal rights.

Reach out to us now by phone or contact Evans Family Law Group online to speak with a Texas Family Law Specialist.

Evans Family Law Group Serves Bastrop County Families at Our Bastrop Office

Evans Family Law Group works with families in Bastrop County, including clients from Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Smithville, Paige, and Elgin. Working with Austin’s premier family-law firm is convenient. Whether you have a divorce case or choose divorce mediation, we can help. Check out our quick guide on divorce costs, and read on to find out more about how we can help you at our Bastrop office.

Divorce Cases We Handle

Family Law Cases We Handle

Evans Family Law Group helps Bastrop-area families with family law matters complex and simple, often relating to divorce, custody, court orders, and more, including:

We are familiar with the judges and with many of the family law attorneys in Bastrop County.  In some cases that may mean we have a good relationship with the people involved , and in other cases we simply know the “other side.”  Either may benefit your case in ways subtle or significant.

To get a sense of what you can expect as our client, check out reviews of our Bastrop office, as well as the online reviews and video testimonials of our longtime office in Austin.

Why You Need a Family Law Attorney

At Evans Family Law Group, we want you to meet your legal goals while maintaining your personal and financial integrity. There are several approaches to resolving family law cases and no one solution fits all. Our decades of experience will help you find the best possible outcome for your case. Let Evans Family Law Group represent you inside or outside of the courtroom. We are much more than divorce attorneys. Our seasoned legal advisors are:

  • Negotiators of complex custody, property, adoption, paternity, and other cases;
  • Mediators of prenuptial agreements, child support settlements, and enforcement actions;
  • Courtroom litigators when all other methods of resolution fail;
  • Drafters of any important family law documents like new documents and modifications of orders including those that do not require court testimony; and
  • Sources of valuable legal information at any crossroads in your life involving children, marriage, remarriage, adoption, and much more.

Learn more about the services offered at Evans Family Law Group by contacting our Bastrop County office. We look forward to discussing your legal needs and finding solutions that meet you and your family’s challenges.

Filing for a divorce in Bastrop County: quick but important facts

There are residency requirements to file for a divorce in Texas. You or your spouse must live in Texas for the six-month period preceding the divorce filing. You or your spouse must also be a resident of the county in which the divorce is filed for at least ninety-days prior to the divorce filing. There is an exception for members of the armed services and their spouses who accompany them during active duty service. Addresses of participants in the TX Attorney General’s Address Confidentiality Program will be verified by the government. Texas permits seven grounds for divorce. Six of these are fault-based and must be proven. The no-fault basis for divorce in Texas is insupportability. Insupportability is the inability for a marriage to continue due to irreconcilable disagreements or differences. The other six grounds for divorce are: cruelty, adultery, conviction of a felony, abandonment, living apart, and confinement in a mental hospital. Keep in mind that filing a divorce for any of the six provable grounds will lengthen the time it takes to get a divorce and cause the cost of a divorce to increase exponentially.

Your divorce case begins after meeting with one of our divorce attorneys and preparing a petition for filing with the District Clerk. Once filed, It will be at least 60 days before the case will finalize, if not longer.

One reason it may take longer is the Bastrop County courts are somewhat overloaded. In 2017, Judge Christopher D. Duggan and the President of the Bastrop County Bar association petitioned for the addition of a fourth judge to meet the demand.

As of this writing, there are three divorce courts in Bastrop County, all located at 804 Pecan Street in Bastrop, TX: the 335th District Court, the 21st District Court, and the 423rd District Court.

Divorce cases are divided up equally between these three courts, and the clerk is responsible for assigning cases. You won’t know which judge you will get until the case has been placed on the docket.

You’ll get to meet the judge at least once, because even in a true uncontested divorce the law requires at least one of the divorcing spouses to show up and to affirm the baseline facts of the divorce case. 

Once your case begins, Bastrop County automatically creates a temporary protection order, which immediately applies to both spouses.  That order prevents both you and your spouse from taking certain actions. Although it is meant to prevent certain kinds of abusive behavior, you may need something stronger in place if you are in danger. For instance, the order will not remove your spouse from your home.

You can read the entire text of the Bastrop County standing order here. It is important to understand what you may or may not do during the early stages of your divorce. The temporary protection order from the County will be in place until your divorce suit is resolved.

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Read what clients say about our Bastrop family attorneys

“Jacob Dannen is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and fair attorney. My family law case involved a difficult, challenging opposing party who refused to negotiate, respond to discovery / subpoenas / requests to produce required documents, and generally refused to cooperate with the legal process. However, Mr. Dannen exhibited an ability to negotiate professionally and firmly, ensuring that I received the modifications I was seeking in my suit. He is very professional, and also easy-going and likable. I’m thankful that I had Mr. Dannen to represent me during this stressful and frustrating time.” – Cara Moore (see review on Google Maps)

“I hired Jacob to help me with my divorce and I was not disappointed! Jacob was extremely professional and was a lifesaver with my case. My ex was about as uncooperative as possible BUT Jacob did everything necessary to speed the process up even when my ex tried his best to stop it. He eased my anxiety through the process and for that I am very grateful. He explained everything step by step so I knew exactly what to expect.” – Alexis Gay (see review on Google Maps)

“When my marriage of 22 years suddenly came to an end; Jacob Dannen and his entire legal team at Evans Family Law came to my aid! They worked diligently to help me through this most difficult time. They represented me to the fullest and ensured that my rights as a father were protected as well as my financial means to support my two children. I am very thankful to Jacob and his team for their compassion as well as their skilled and knowledgeable guidance. I would recommended Jacob Dannen and Evans Family Law to any individual in need of a good law firm! – Jeremy Cates” – Jeremy Cates (see review on Google Maps)

“My lawyer exceeded all expectations. He gave me really clear concise information that helped me get more time to see my son. He thought out of the box and gave me really great ideas that would not only benefit me, but my son as well. Without Mr. Dannen’s help, I would’ve been completely lost.” – Ruben Lopez (see review on Google Maps)

“I hired Evans Family Law Group to represent me throughout my custody case over my seven month old baby boy. I was referred to Caroline by two different friends who used her and won custody of their children. Soon after I began to work with them, Jacob took over the Bastrop cases. I’m a first responder and with the help of Jacob and Evans Family Law Group I was able to get a custom custody schedule tailored around my bizarre work schedule. I’m so thankful for all they did for me. As a young father of an infant, I’m very fortunate to have the time with my son Evans Family Law Group fought for. HIGHLY IMPRESSED, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!” – Ross Matocha (see review on Google Maps)

“Jacob was patient, understanding, and very responsive. He also took great care to ensure I understand what I do, and do not, deserve. The bottom line is I received an expedient and amicable divorce that exceeded my expectations, and most importantly reached a 50/50 custody agreement.” – Adam Levitt (see review on Google Maps)

“It was my first time getting involved in a divorce case. At first, I was very uncertain and nervous as I did not know what to do and all the steps involved in a divorce. But It was very fortunate to find Mr. Jacob Dannen through all his positive online reviews. Mr. Dannen is fast, ethical, super informed and educated. He answered all my questions very promptly. And his professional work was so immaculate that my divorce did not take even one day longer than when I expected. I recommend Mr. Jacob Dannen to any one seeking a divorce attorney.” – Kamyar Yazdi (see review on Google Maps)

“I highly recommend Evans Family Law Group and Jacob Dannen! They don’t just treat you as a client but more like a family friend. They were very responsive to my needs. They took the time to understand my needs and wants. Mr. Dannen is calm, understanding and very knowledgeable in family law. He offered myself and my children emotional reassurance during a trying time. I am grateful that I chose Evans Family Law and Mr. Dannen to represent us!” – Kevin Whitlow (see review on Google Maps)

“I hired Evans Family Law Group to handle what should have been an easy divorce and it was the best thing I ever did. Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans, Katherine, Angie, Dina and Jacob were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. My emails and phone calls were answered quickly. They worked with me through every step of the way and made me feel at ease during a stressful time. Towards the end when my ex was becoming extremely difficult, Jacob took charge and showed what a great attorney he is. He handled some extremely difficult situations with ease and supported me the whole way. I was truly blessed to walk into Evans Family Law Group because they were by my side the entire time. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed.” – Courtney Mank (see review on Google Maps)

“Mr. Jacob Dannen picked up my case from another attorney who left his firm during the pandemic. He was able to gather all relevant details efficiently and gave me great advice even during our initial phone consultation. He was able to tell me, based on which outcomes were most important to me, whether mediation or court would likely be most productive for me. I went with mediation because I was asking for some non-standard items, and I was able to get those done as a result of taking his advice. During mediation, Mr. Dannen advocated on my behalf and was also reassuring about the process. He is very personable and immediately establishes good rapport with clients; he showed good rapport with the mediator. I would definitely recommend Mr. Dannen to a friend and/or use his legal services again in the future.” – Leia Morris (see review on Google Maps)

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