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Qualification for an Agreed Divorce

Individuals thinking about an agreed divorce often ask “how do I evaluate whether or not I meet the criteria to carry out a divorce by agreement with my spouse?

There are several important criteria for determining if a divorce by agreement will work:

  • Is there is a lack of conflict? This is the most important element; not necessarily a lack of tension, but a lack of aggressive or violent confrontation.
  • Can both parties communicate openly and transparently?
  • Is there a certain level of trust between both parties?

Only when all of these criteria are met can both parties effectively work together to settle their issues, and arrive at an agreement that is beneficial to everyone. When both parents can cooperate and settle a divorce in this manner it is tremendously beneficial to children.

When couples know they want an agreed divorce in many cases they are unsure of the procedure and the legal issues that must be addressed to execute an agreed divorce. Couples in this type of situation may only need a little bit of guidance on a few items such as: refinancing or selling the house, handling an unresolved tax issue and other day-to-day issues that James W. Evans Law Office can help you work through.

For couples looking for an agreed divorce James Evans is an excellent ally to have because he possesses knowledge of the Family Law Code and experience as a litigator, which means he can provide sound advice based on his ability to reliably predict the outcome of a divorce. Many family attorneys that offer this combination of skills with this level of experience charge a rate similar to the rate they charge for a contested divorce. James W. Evans Law Office charges a significantly lower rate for an “Agreed Divorce.”

James Evans is a board certified family attorney who can help couples evaluate their situation and guide them through the steps to complete an agreed divorce.

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