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Do you have your affairs in order? Drafting a will and readying your estate for transfer to your heirs should not be viewed as a morbid activity. In fact, most people find estate planning comforting and experience relief having gone through the process. It’s all about seeing your property and assets passed on to your family members and heirs with minimal interference from the state or outside authorities.

In the event of a death in the family – Probate Attorney Texas

Nobody wants to think about legal matters during a time of grief and mourning, and thankfully, you don’t have to start the probate process until you’re ready. Once you are, a Texas Probate attorney will walk you through the steps, starting by evaluating the deceased person’s will (if they have one), and then distributing property and assets accordingly.

Modifying Your Will

Your will is only set in stone until you change it. Here are a few common reasons people alter the terms of their will:

•     Marriage or Divorce
•    Birth of a Child or Inclusion of Stepchildren
•    Moving out of State or Country
•    Significant Change in Assets
•    Personal Reasons

If you need to modify your existing will for any reason, contact a Probate attorney in Texas and ensure the process is done in accordance with state laws.

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Evans Law Group has been practicing probate law in Austin and throughout Texas for over 17 years. Since we’re experienced in family law, we take every measure to reduce the estate tax your heirs pay when your assets are transferred.

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