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It’s always a mystery to some, whether the “free consultation” has any real substantive connotation or meaning to it.  For some, a free consultation means that the consultation is with an inexperienced attorney.  For others, like at the Evans Family Law Group, free consultations are offered with a Board Certified Family Law Attorney with over 20 years of experience in family law and a member of Texas Monthly’s “Super Lawyers”.

At the Evans Family Law Group, we value providing the same consultation experience to all members of our public and legal community, regardless of the value of the case.  To Mr. Evans, this is a service to the community and for those who can afford the legal services at Evans Family Law Group, and to those who may not otherwise be able to afford such services. 

Overall, the goal is to make sure that a prospective client receives quality, experienced, and serious strategical advice.  We focus on the overall quality of the experience and almost always prospective clients of the firm meet with Mr. Evans personally. 

And, while other family law firms on their websites or otherwise may offer free consultation, it is really a “screening” with a paralegal, other staff of the firm, may only take 15 minutes and it’s not really a consultation at all.  This is a firm just looking to see if you can pay the money to retain them.

When a firm offers a free consultation, a good litmus test is when you call the firm and you are only offered to talk to a staff member and not an attorney or if you initially speak with a member of the firm’s staff and you are passed to another member of the staff, rather than an attorney.  If you are then passed on to a paralegal or a non-attorney or somebody that’s probably a red flag. That is most likely a free consultation in a firm that does not pride itself in the same way that we do, in making sure that you get good quality information and strategy at your intake. 

On the other hand, a firm you call that gets you scheduled directly with an attorney that’s a good sign.  And it really does not matter if it is a free consultation or not, but certainly, at the Evans Family Law Group the fact that the consultation is free has nothing to do with the quality of the intake experience you will receive or the quality of Mr. Evans’ time.  You are going to get the same amount of time and the same quality of information because that’s extremely important to us at the Evans Family Law Group.

And this is where Evans Family Law Group differs from many family law firms as it is the exception, not the rule, that a prospective client — whether a free or paid consultation — would not meet with Mr. Evans personally.  Of course, for the most part, prospective clients elect to work with Mr. Evans and the Evans Family Law Group as the over 180 reviews of our firm on Google and the many reviews on Avvo demonstrate.

Here at the Evans Family Law Group, Mr. Evans is the principal attorney and almost always does prospective client meetings personally.  Each consultation is typically an hour and if necessary, Mr. Evans generally will give more time, when needed — don’t be shy just ask but typically Mr. Evans will just offer.   However, if for some reason he is not available personally, Mr. Evans will make one of the other Attorneys of the firm personally available to consult with you and, if you feel it is necessary Mr. Evans will meet with you in a “follow up” consultation following a meeting with one of the Associate Attorneys. 

Even though you are engaging in a “free consultation” for a family law matter, often this is a highly emotional and confusing time in an individual’s life.  Mr. Evans believes that if you are in the process of hiring a family law attorney to represent you that you are entitled to be heard, understood, and receive a quality, strategic consultation and leave with a clear understanding of what your legal options are and what your strategies are.

As a rule, at the Evans Family Law Group, while an Associate Attorney may be helping with your case, all work is done under the direct supervision of Mr. Evans who staffs these cases and all matters with the Associate Attorneys and paralegals on a regular and consistent basis ensuring that all matters and all clients receive the benefit of Mr. Evans’ extensive experience.

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