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Divorce is always complicated, especially when there’s significant wealth on the line. Though the aim of Texas courts is always to divide assets as close to 50-50 as possible, in practice 50-50 is much trickier than simply cutting the loaf down the middle.

Only an attorney experienced in high-net-worth divorces can help you answer some crucial questions that can sway your fortunes and your future.

Are your assets valued correctly?

It’s common for some divorcing spouses to try to undervalue real property, personal property, and business holdings in an attempt to retain a bigger share of the marital property than he or she may be entitled to. 

You may be surprised by how much needs appraisal. For example, if you as a couple owned collections of guns, antiques, and jewelry, it will be important to get an objective figure from an appraiser qualified to appraise each of those items. Your attorney(s) may then make determinations as to the fairest division of those assets. 

Has your spouse hidden assets you might be entitled to a share of in the divorce?

Hiding assets is never a good idea. It can result in a criminal charge of perjury or contempt of court. It often results in a judge’s decision to award a greater portion of the assets to the spouse who was honest.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some people from trying. You need an attorney who work to ensure all assets are on the table – before the divorce decree is finalized.  

Has the division of property taken into account all the facts?

Some contributions to marital property don’t show up on a spreadsheet. It’s important to make sure an experienced attorney is your advocate you so all your sacrifices, contributions, and other particulars are taken into account.

The Evans Family Law Group can help you receive a favorable share of property, as allowed by Texas family law.

Don’t enter a high-net-worth divorce alone

Don’t try to take on your divorce alone, especially if you’ve got a wealth of assets to protect. Contact Evans Family Law Group today to work with an attorney who understands you, understands what you’ve done, and knows how to reach an outcome that is fair to you.

Reviews from High-Net-Worth Divorce Clients

“Jimmy Evans was recommended to me by my business attorney to handle my divorce; our joint estate was quite extensive with many accounts in both mine and my wife’s names and many individual holdings as well. Jimmy and his team brought me through this tangled mess, instilling confidence while being very up front about the possible outcomes. I think there are similarities and differences in every divorce and I feel that Jimmy’s team has seen it all, which allowed them to be friendly, compassionate, and professional in their dealings with both parties (opposing lawyers and my wife) which was important to me since she and I have two grown kids together and we both desired to preserve those relationships. In the end, through mediation, we were able to settle our estate in an acceptable manner to both of us. Additionally, although the Evans Family Law Group is a very well-known firm, their billing was clear, timely and I believe exceptionally economical especially given the length and complexity of this case. I would recommend Jimmy and his entire team to anyone seeking help with their divorce.” – Peter C (see review on Google Maps)

“Evans Family Law literally saved my financial standing when they were willing to take my divorce case on at the last minute. My ex husband and I tried to handle the divorce on our own but sadly that proved impossible. As a result I received a notice of a hearing from his attorney, whom I was unaware he had retained, in FOUR days. I had always been the breadwinner in our family and have been diligently saving for retirement for many, many years. As you can imagine I was terrified of losing half of the money I had worked so hard for. I met with Jimmy the day before said hearing and he was willing to jump in right away. His knowledge of family law is unsurpassed based on the numerous attorneys I had previously screened and his staff is extremely friendly, personable and diligent. What truly stood out to me was how he was willing to work with me on my case personally even on a holiday when his office was closed and he was running around with his own kiddos. Because of his diligence we were able to “strike while the iron was hot” aka my ex was being amicable. His dedication to get it done was unparalleled. I highly recommend Evans Family Law.” – J. Brown (see review on Google Maps

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