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As a parent, you want the best for your children. When achieving that goal becomes a legal struggle, you want a child custody attorney from Evans Family Law Group by your side.

At Evans Family Law Group, we are more than just experienced child custody attorneys. We are advocates for parents, relatives, and others who love children and will fight for their best interests.

We provide a range of child custody services, including but not limited to:

  • Mediation, negotiation, and courtroom litigation;
  • Creative custody plans to meet unique needs; and
  • Initial custody arrangements, modifications, and third-party custody.

Speak with a Texas Certified Family Law Specialist at Evans Family Law Group. We can arrange an appointment at your convenience.

Let Our Experienced Lakeway Child Custody Attorneys Help You

In Texas, the courts ultimately base any child custody decisions on the “best interest of the child,” and there is a presumption toward shared custody in Texas. While one parent may want to point out the other parent’s flaws to the court to obtain sole custody, this can backfire as a strategy.

At Evans Law Firm, we want to build the strongest case possible to prove you are a responsible, mature, and even preferential parent for your child. This includes meeting any statutory considerations such as your:

  • Ability to meet your child’s physical and emotional needs;
  • Ability to parent your child;
  • Ability to communicate with your co-parent;
  • Plans for your child’s future;
  • Household stability; and
  • Household safety and security.

To discuss the remaining factors considered by the court when awarding custody, call Evans Family Law Group and set up a complimentary consultation with a child custody attorney.

Legal Child Custody in Lakeway

Legal child custody or managing conservatorship is the ability to make a child’s medical, religious, educational, and other significant life decisions. Parents may have a joint managing conservatorship, or one parent may be the sole managing conservator.

A parent without a managing conservatorship is a child’s possessory conservator when exercising visitation rights. This means they have access or visitation with the child according to a court-ordered schedule but no legal decision-making authority.

Physical Child Custody in Lakeway

Physical child custody is possession of a child or possessory conservatorship. While parents may share physical custody, this is logistically difficult. Instead, one parent is typically the primary possessory conservator.

In cases of abuse or neglect, one parent may hold sole managing and possessory conservatorship.

Third-Party Child Custody in Lakeway

Third parties or non-parents may petition the court for child custody under certain circumstances. Generally, this occurs when one or both biological parents are deceased.

To determine if you qualify for third-party custody, speak with an experienced Lakeway child custody attorney.

Contact an Experienced Lakeway Child Custody Attorney Today

Child custody proceedings are complicated in Texas. Discuss your situation with an experienced Lakeway child custody attorney at Evans Family Law Group before making any custody arrangements inside or outside the courtroom.

Find out how Texas’s best interest of the child standard applies to you and your co-parent by scheduling your appointment today.

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