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Divorce is challenging, and no one should tackle the Texas divorce process without experienced legal counsel by their side. Doing so can cause costly mistakes and future trips to family court. If you are contemplating or in the midst of a Lakeway divorce, reach out to a Lakeway divorce attorney at Evans Family Law Group.

At Evans Family Law Group, our divorce attorneys offer compassionate yet aggressive representation. We are a full-service family law firm proud to provide Lakeway residents with:

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Let an Experienced Lakeway Divorce Attorney Help You

An experienced Lakeway divorce attorney from Evans Family Law Group will help you settle every outstanding issue in your divorce. This may include but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Property identification, valuation, and division;
  • Distribution of marital debt;
  • Division of retirement accounts;
  • Alimony;
  • Child custody and visitation (Conservatorship and access); and
  • Child support.

At Evans Family Law Group, we maintain relationships with forensic accountants, appraisers, and other experts who can assist with complex asset division and tracing marital and separate accounts in divorce, no matter the value of the marital estate. Regardless of your needs, we can tailor our services to suit at Evans Family Law Group.

Divorce Requirements in Lakeway

To file a Texas divorce, one spouse must live in the state for at least six months. That spouse must live in the county where the divorce is filed for a minimum of three months. There are exceptions to this rule for active military, their spouses, and government workers.

Sixty days must pass before a Texas court will grant a divorce unless the case involves domestic violence. However, the length of any divorce depends on the complexity of the issues involved and whether the divorce is agreed upon or contested.

Uncontested Divorce in Lakeway

A Lakeway uncontested divorce is where the spouses agree on all divorce issues. There are no legal disagreements between the spouses and no unresolved matters for the court to rule.

Due to the nature of uncontested divorces, they are common amongst spouses without complex assets or minor children. If a couple disagrees on anything, the divorce is contested.

It is wise for one spouse to have an attorney in an uncontested divorce as there are divorce documents to draft, and there will be a court appearance. All uncontested divorce paperwork must conform to Texas law or it could face redrafting or even dismissal.

Contested Divorce in Lakeway

In a contested Lakeway divorce, the spouses disagree on at least one issue and must use some method of dispute resolution or the court to resolve their case. An experienced divorce attorney can guide their client towards the most effective means of problem solving for their case as there are several.

A Texas divorce may be settled through:

  • Mediation;
  • Negotiation;
  • Arbitration;
  • Collaborative divorce; or
  • Traditional litigation.

To find out more about any of these contact an experienced Lakeway divorce attorney today.

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