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General Advice for Practicing Austin Family Lawyers

General Advice for Practicing Austin Family Lawyers

Why are we offering advice to potential competitors? Good question…in the interest of full disclosure, we believe sharing our views on child custody litigation and family law can only strengthen our standing in the legal community. So, if you’re a fellow family law attorney in Austin, you can take it or leave it.

Attorneys engaging in child custody litigation must be careful not to get in over their heads. It is important to consult with experienced practitioners, especially if the attorney is new or otherwise inexperienced. It is essential to set client expectations appropriately and set clear goals, and to maintain constant communication with clients.

While clients are likely to be emotional, the attorney must have control over the clients so that ultimately they do as the attorney recommends. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to negotiate the case, the associated costs can spiral out of control, and an otherwise decent case may need to be withdrawn.

Beyond having a deep knowledge of the law and the ability to litigate, family law attorneys, especially those who are new to the area, must know how to filter information and understand what is significant and what is not. It is important in limited hearings of temporary orders to know what information will change the case’s outcome, and avoid introducing arguments that simply do not matter. This is a nuanced area of law that many traditional family law attorneys do not understand, and the savvy attorney can usually take advantage of their mistakes.

Finally, family law attorneys should not be afraid to be creative, and should ask the court for what they think they need, even it is not in the family code. Attorneys can style motions and request relief for what they need, especially if case law or a statute supports it. Over time, the attorney can develop a rapport and credibility with the courts, and as a result the courts will trust the attorney’s opinions and representations.

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