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Working Together To Achieve Successful Joint Custody

Working Together To Achieve Successful Joint Custody

When creating a joint custody arrangement, it is important to educate the client on the many characteristics that affect the likelihood of the arrangement’s success—the first of which is geographic proximity. Shared custody arrangements usually work best when parents live close together, as it facilitates an equal possession schedule.

Additionally, communication has a great impact on joint custody. Parents who are able to communicate well can prevent or reduce conflict, especially in front of the children, and can focus on making decisions that are in the children’s best interest.

Those parents who offer to share responsibility for such tasks as providing transportation to medical appointments or attending parent-teacher conferences, and share information from those activities with the other parent, are more likely to be involved in successful custody arrangements than those who try to seize the opportunity to use their involvement in such tasks at a presumptive litigation factor.

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It’s easy to get beaten down or disenfranchised by the legal process. Often, though, there’s simply no avoiding litigation. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a fight. When possible, our Austin attorneys advocate collaborative law to achieve a working model for shared child custody. Let’s review your case.

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