Reviews of Our Child Custody Attorneys

As you might expect, child custody cases and divorce cases tend to overlap.  Divorce proceedings often involve custody challenges, and custody challenges usually are part of or follow a divorce.  Online and elsewhere on our site you can read about what to expect of Evans Family Law Group as divorce attorneys, but custody is such a major part of how we help our clients’ families that we decided to put together a page on what to expect of us as custody attorneys (in Austin and Bastrop).

Below is a selection of some of the many reviews from clients we have helped with child custody cases – for sole custody, joint custody, modifications of custody agreements, and others.  Please keep in mind that we can’t promise a specific outcome, or that we can take your case, and that these reviews are just a small sampling.  You may want to read our other online reviews. We hope our clients’ reviews give you a sense of what to expect of Evans Family Law Group.

“Our family had an exceptional experience through a very difficult custody dispute. Mr. Evans provided extraordinary legal counseling with an outcome of Full Custody! We are more than grateful and satisfied and feel that we were very well attended to by Mr. Evans and his wonderful staff. My hopes that we never have to experience this ever again in our lives, however, if we had any other family dispute we would not hesitate using Evans Family Law. Worth every penny spent!” – Cory Garcia (see review on Google Maps)

“I retained Evans Family Law Firm to help me through a custody modification. I knew I was going in asking for the impossible and that the other side would make the process as difficult as possible. Katherine Obando immediately picked up my case and went to work while keeping me informed every step of the way. She was firm but reasonable and took a pragmatic approach to my case. Katherine was able to calm my nerves during depositions and hearings, always adequately preparing me for what to expect. There were no strangers to her in the process, from court clerks, to opposing counsel, to Judges. Katherine is an attorney who truly cares, still checking in on my family long after our case was complete. To say that Katherine got my girls and I everything we were asking for would be an understatement. We walked away with a ruling in our favor and then some….all in the best interest of my children. I would highly recommend Katherine Obando and the entire Evans Family Law Firm if you’re looking for an honest, reliable, and overall genuine group of people who truly care about the client and the best interest of the children.” – Amanda Baker (see review on Google Maps)

“I went to Jimmy Evans as my attorney and what evolved into a custody case because he had come highly recommended by a parenting group. The recommendation was dead on. Jimmy listened to what I had to say and took copious notes. His staff was always respectful and kind, and I found his paralegal to be extraordinarily detail oriented, a major asset in my case. The outcome was even better than I had hoped. Jimmy got more support than expected, repayment for overpayment of insurance premiums (the judge gave us even more than we requested), and substantial attorney’s fees. Perhaps more important, Jimmy persuaded the judge and to ordered measures, such as a parent facilitator, to thwart the conflict that had afflicted my relationship with my son’s father. This was all accomplished even though the case was tried under all the restrictions imposed by the corona virus pandemic quarantine. I would heartily recommend Jimmy and his team. That was the best advice I got, and I’m passing it on to you.” – Jean Nations (see review on Google Maps)

“Start with the obvious – if you need an attorney something is most likely not right… That said Jimmy and his team will help you get your problems squared away as quick as our legal system will allow. Had a free consultation and Jimmy provided his direct email and direct cell phone number too incase of emergency. I had to modify my custody agreement – Jimmy and his team quickly drafted the modification order, submitted it, and helped push it along through the frustrating legal system. While I hope to not need a lawyer again – I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to call Jimmy again!” – Mark Johnson (see review on Google Maps)

“The entire staff of Evans Family Law were helpful and supportive during a drawn-out, painful custody case that was ultimately successfully resolved. Tenacious and intrepid, Mr. Evans demonstrated repeatedly that he had a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of family law, the Travis County legal establishment, and the quirks of human nature. I would not hesitate to recommend Evans Family Law to anyone who needed family law representation.” – Jennifer Payne (see review on Google Maps)

“When Jimmy Evans became my lawyer, I was on the cusp of losing custody of my children due to false allegations by my ex-wife. I was scared, confused, angry, hopeless. Jimmy was instantly able to see a path through the system. He didn’t make any big promises, and was straight forward in his legal diagnosis. But, he believed me. He understood how the system works, and how it had been manipulated to get me to that point. Within a matter of days, he was able to help the courts get a clearer picture of what was happening. His skill and expertise made the courts slow down, and appoint a team of professionals to determine the truth. Within weeks, he had both of my children returned to a normal custody schedule. Within months, he had flipped the conversation away from returning my custodial rights, to expanding them. By the final trial, not only did I get full custody of my children, but the false allegations by my ex-wife were voided and legally removed by the courts!” – Richard Counts (see review on Google Maps)

“Jacob was patient, understanding, and very responsive. He also took great care to ensure I understand what I do, and do not, deserve. The bottom line is I received an expedient and amicable divorce that exceeded my expectations, and most importantly reached a 50/50 custody agreement.” – Adam Levitt (see review on Google Maps)

“I had an unusual and difficult case. Mr. Dannen never once was hesitant or unable to come through for me. I went from having essentially no rights to my children to almost 50/50 custody. He is what I like to consider a miracle worker. Not only is he amazing at his job, but he’s extremely personable. We joke that he’s my new personal attorney, but, he secretly is.” – Alicia Bullara (see review on Google Maps)

“Jimmy and his team worked very hard and were able to get a win for my difficult custody case. They communicated consistently with me even though I was out of state and helped me understand all the options and entire legal process for my case so I knew what to expect. I would highly recommend them and will be using them in future if any custody issues arise.” – Barry Cook (see review on Google Maps)

“All divorces are tough, but mine was one for the record books. It was a 9 year battle with an estranged spouse that was dishonest, manipulative, and unethical. In the early years of the conflict I had two attorneys who made some big mistakes. Thankfully, when my case became most dire, I found Jimmy Evans. Jimmy brings a level of integrity, strategy, and honesty that is extremely rare in the legal profession. He fought for me fiercely over the course of two years to protect my assets as well as my children. Ultimately, we prevailed on both fronts, especially in a precedent-setting custody battle even in the face of some pretty bad odds. I hope you never find yourself in a bitter divorce dogfight, but if you do, your first call should be to Jimmy Evans.” – Cheri Bergeron (see review on Google Maps)

“I highly recommend Jimmy Evans and his staff! I went through a divorce with custody issues, and the people at Evans Family Law were attentive, concise, knew the law without question, and were always eager to answer any questions I had. I had almost no trouble getting them to return my calls and emails, and they without fail forwarded everything they received or sent to my ex’s attorney. We ended up settling our divorce in mediation, but I am confident that if we had gone to court, Jimmy Evans would have been the best lawyer to have! If I ever need a lawyer again, I’ll call the Evans Family Law Group!” – Brenda Chinnery (see review on Google Maps)

“First of all, I researched attorney’s for my child custody case before consulting with Jimmy Evans. Because of the great reviews I contacted Jimmy. I had been wanting to file a change of custody for a few years. My son asked when he was 12 if I would fight to have him change from primary with his mother to me. Jimmy sat down and explained the entire process from Soup to Nuts. He also explained the way the law works best case and worse case scenarios. He was always upfront and honest. I followed his advice throughout the entire process. Thanks to Jimmy and his Team, I now have my son living with me. Do yourself a favor, HIRE Jimmy and his Team!” – Robert Dozier (see review on Google Maps)

“We were looking for an Attorney with experience involving the father’s rights in child custody cases, and chose The Evans Family Law Group because we we’re very impressed by the information provided on their website. From our first consultation Mr. Evans was straight forward about what he could do to assist us with our concerns so we hired him. Acknowledging the urgency of the situation Jimmy immediately went into action filing the necessary legal documents, which resulted in the positive outcome we’d desired. Jimmy has a no nonsense attitude and gave us sound honest advice throughout, then he backed his words up with the results we were anticipating. He is very knowledgeable in family law and how the courts work. His staff was friendly and helpful, as they answered questions involving our case whenever they were asked. As far as costs go for a really good Lawyer he charged us a reasonable fee, and I feel every effort was made to save us money. Frankly you get what you pay for and with the results we got, it was money well spent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this law firm to family and friends.” – Terri Waddle (see review on Google Maps)