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What Clients Say: Reviews of Our Family Lawyers in Austin & Bastrop

Too many people avoid getting legal help for their families because they’re worried that attorneys – especially in a divorce – will make matters more complicated or just plain worse.

We understand that concern, and we agree it’s smart to be cautious.  You want to work with a family law firm only for the right reasons, and you want to make sure your attorneys have experience in situations like yours.  You want to know what you’re getting into so you can move on to tidier pastures soon.

Below are reviews and testimonials from some of our clients.  Of course, we can’t promise a specific outcome, or even that we can take your case at all. (The free consultation will tell us both whether we can help.)  Please keep in mind that these reviews are just a small sampling of our many reviews, so you may want to read our other online reviews from clients (just Google our name). By the way, you can also see reviews from our custody clients here, and you can see reviews from our uncontested divorce clients here. We hope our clients’ reviews give you a sense of what to expect of Evans Family Law Group.

“Jimmy has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law based, extensive experience with a wide range of cases, and as a result is someone I could completely trust to know what he was doing. He was always willing to explain why certain issues that were under dispute were/were not likely to be upheld by a judge and gave me a very honest sense of what to expect before a judge, with respect to anything I asked him. He took the time to talk to me and answer questions, and was an ethical advocate who was clearly seeking the best outcome for the children. Rarely do I post reviews, but I chose him based on ones I read by people equally unfamiliar and scared by family law, divorce, and custody as I was; and he was a gem in guiding us through a difficult time. I’m so grateful to have found him, and recommend him as one of the most ethical and professional people I’ve ever worked with.” – Sheila (See more reviews on Avvo)

“Jimmy Evans was recommended to me by my business attorney to handle my divorce; our joint estate was quite extensive with many accounts in both mine and my wife’s names and many individual holdings as well. Jimmy and his team brought me through this tangled mess, instilling confidence while being very up front about the possible outcomes. I think there are similarities and differences in every divorce and I feel that Jimmy’s team has seen it all, which allowed them to be friendly, compassionate, and professional in their dealings with both parties (opposing lawyers and my wife) which was important to me since she and I have two grown kids together and we both desired to preserve those relationships. In the end, through mediation, we were able to settle our estate in an acceptable manner to both of us. Additionally, although The Evans Family Law Group is a very well-known firm, their billing was clear, timely and I believe exceptionally economical especially given the length and complexity of this case. I would recommend Jimmy and his entire team to anyone seeking help with their divorce.” – Peter C (see review on Google Maps)

“If you’re Googling around for a divorce attorney like I was in early 2020, just want to say that I feel for you. You’re gonna be okay. Contact Jimmy and his team, ask questions and see for yourself. I’m very grateful I did. Jimmy called within hours of me emailing his office and thoroughly explained how the agreed divorce process works. Once my now ex-wife and I were ready to do the deed, his team made the process as smooth and dignified as such things can be. Can’t recommend EFLG enough.” – Josh Loposer (see review on Google Maps)

“The entire team at Evans Family Law was awesome! They were very responsive and helpful. They handled my case in a very professional and fast manner. They gave very helpful advice to make this process fast and efficient. The fees were very fair, and I received updated billing statements regularly to let me know what the Trust balance was. I would highly recommend Evans Family Law to anyone looking for a Local friendly family atmosphere. I could immediately tell at the initial consultation that they without a doubt care about their clients I am grateful that I found them and hired them for my legal needs! Thank you Evans Family Law !” – Stephen Rucker (See more reviews on

“I am so grateful to Jimmy Evans and Evans Family Law Group for their fantastic work! They guided me through my divorce and child custody with compassion and efficiency. Very patient and thorough while handling specialized revisions. When Travis County/local courts began operating on a limited schedule due to the coronavirus, they took a very proactive role in keeping me updated and presenting me with alternative options. They completed the process in a very concise and timely manner. Can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work and help getting us through this time!” – Katherine Etheredge Zimmerman

Read April F.‘s review of Evans Family Law Group on Yelp
Read Cassie P.‘s review of Evans Family Law Group on Yelp

“I had a highly volatile divorce and custody dispute. After nearly a year with another firm I was feeling broken and defeated. I decided to switch to Evans Family Law Group, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Jimmy provided me with multiple solutions at every point, and came up with a great strategy. Within two months of hiring Evans Family Law Group, my divorce was over. I ended up with a much better outcome than I could have ever hoped for. The entire staff at Evans Family Law Group was fantastic. Dina kept me up to date on everything in my case. Selina is an extremely competent paralegal that worked very late hours to hit our deadlines. I was extremely impressed with Katherine Obando and am glad she represented me at my final mediation. This is the only firm I recommend.” – Matt Raves (see review on Google Maps or Matt’s review on Facebook)

“I highly recommend Evans Family Law. I had never hired an attorney before so was very nervous about the process. I first met with Jimmy who put me completely at ease. Later I worked with Elizabeth who was extremely helpful and caring. I have felt like I have been in good hands throughout a hard and sensitive time. Jimmy, Elizabeth, Jenni and everyone at Evans Family Law has been kind, respectful, caring and wonderful to work with.” – Katharine Hostettler (see review on Google Maps)

“Jimmy Evans is smart, intuitive, and creative. I am so grateful that a close friend recommend Jimmy for my divorce. Jimmy treated me like a real person–not like a client getting billed (as other attorneys had done in the past). In fact, Jimmy was always careful with how much money I was spending. He provided solid, expert advice. Not to mention, he is very respected in the community, which helped a lot in communicating with my ex’s attorney. I highly recommend Jimmy.” – Jenni Flurh (see review on Google Maps)

Divorce and Custody Case

Divorce and Custody Case

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Custody Case

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