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Child custody is regularly the most contentious issue in family law proceedings. Parents want the best for their children, but achieving this goal from two different households and mindsets can be stressful and emotionally overwhelming. Having an experienced Rollingwood child custody attorney by your side can make the process more manageable, allowing you to focus on the most important people in your life, your children.

At Evans Family Law Group, our child custody attorneys are compassionate and empathetic of families and their struggles. We want our clients to meet their legal goals and maintain positive parenting relationships whenever possible.

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An experienced child custody attorney is more than a courtroom presence. At Evans Family Law Group, our attorneys are:

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Evans Family Law Group is a full-service family law firm. We can help you whether your child custody case stems from a divorce, paternity case, guardianship, modification, or another legal matter.

Child Custody in Rollingwood

Child custody in Texas is called conservatorship. A conservatorship may be either a managing conservatorship or a possessory conservatorship.

Managing conservatorship refers to legal custody of a child and the right to make significant decisions about a child’s life. One parent may be a child’s sole managing conservator, or both parents may share the role as joint managing conservators.

Possessory conservatorship or physical custody of a child pertains to a child’s residence. One parent is the possessory conservator, even in cases of joint managing conservatorship.

Presumption for Joint Managing Conservatorship

The managing conservator of a child makes any medical, educational, and religious decisions in their life. As this is a critical role for parents, the court presumes that parents should share the responsibility of managing conservators.

Therefore, the court will award joint managing conservatorship unless it is against a child’s best interests.

The Standard Possession Order

The parent with whom a child resides at any given time has possessory conservatorship. The other parent has access to that child. When parents cannot agree on timeframes for possessory conservatorship and access, the standard possession order applies.

The standard possession order is a statutory order with detailed instructions for access based on the distance between the parents. However, the order does not necessarily apply to very young children (those under three). The standard possession order may be altered if it is in the best interest of the child.

Note that denying access to a child against a court order can result in court sanctions for a parent.

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