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Reviews from Our Uncontested-Divorce Clients

Divorce is always hard, but in some cases an uncontested (or “agreed”) divorce is the least-hard option. Researching divorce attorneys also is hard, but you make your decision easier if you can discern their experience in handling cases similar to yours. So, rather than tell you all about our experience in family law and in divorce cases more broadly, we thought we would devote a whole page to describing our abilities in the specific option you’re considering: an uncontested divorce. Our clients can describe our work better than we can.

Below are reviews from some of the clients we helped with an uncontested divorce.  Of course, we can’t promise a specific outcome, or even that we can take your case at all. (That’s what the free consultation is for.)  Also, these reviews are just a small sampling of our many reviews, . You can see even more reviews if you Google us, or if you check out our main “reviews” page or see our page of reviews from our child-custody clients. Once you get a crisp idea of what you can expect of us, you can contact us to discuss your situation and goals.

“I’m very happy to have found Jimmy Evans’s law office. They helped my ex and I through a separation that could have been many more times as expensive as it was. He specializes in agreed divorces, which I believe is the smarter way to separate for those that are able to do so. I’m very happy that this transition in my life was made as smooth as possible with Jimmy’s help.” – Roger Heslop (see review on Google Maps)

“Jimmy and his team were very professional and understood this was a very emotional time for both of us. He explained the process in detail and had patience with both of us. Our divorce was uncontested and when meeting with my ex wife he made her feel comfortable which avoided stress and emotional issues. The process went exactly as Jimmy explained and it was resolved within a matter of weeks. I gave him a Retainer and after all the issues were resolved he gave me a sizable refund. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone that requires a honest and professional attorney.” –  (see review on Google Maps)” – James Wagner (see review on Google Maps)

“I couldn’t have had a better experience with Evans Family Law. A divorce is never easy but Mr. Evans and the team at Evans Family Law made it as smooth as it could be. I appreciated how honest Mr. Evans was with me from the start and helping me understand all the steps in the process. And throughout, they were responsive with every question I had and quick to accommodate changes (thank you Dina). It was an un-contested divorce and there were no issues that arose, luckily. Julio De La Llata was great in court and I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Thank you!!” – Elizabeth Sykes (see review on Google Maps)

“If you’re Googling around for a divorce attorney like I was in early 2020, just want to say that I feel for you. You’re gonna be okay. Contact Jimmy and his team, ask questions and see for yourself. I’m very grateful I did. Jimmy called within hours of me emailing his office and thoroughly explained how the agreed divorce process works. Once my now ex-wife and I were ready to do the deed, his team made the process as smooth and dignified as such things can be. Can’t recommend EFLG enough.” – Josh Loposer (see review on Google Maps)

“I hired Evans Law Firm to represent me with my divorce and I have to say that they made the entire process as easy and stress free as it could be. I worked directly with Elizabeth Ayala and Katherine Obando, who both made me feel that my interests were their top priority from the moment we spoke. They took the time to prepare me on what to expect at a time I needed their guidance. I worked with others from Evans Family Law Group as well, and everyone I interacted with treated me with professionalism and respect, and always ensured I understood the status of my case throughout the process. By the end of the case, I felt my interests were always a top priority and I am extremely pleased with the results. I highly recommend Evans Family Law Group.” – Tom Regan (see review on Google Maps)

“Took care of my uncontested divorce with great care and information. Was able to contact them with ease by phone and email if I needed updates. Made the process of filing for divorce quick and thorough.” – Jerry Rodriguez (see review on Google Maps)

“I’m so grateful to Evans Family Law. I had a wonderful experience. I hired them to handle an uncontested divorce that ended up being a bit more complicated. Julio and Jimmy were professional and knowledgeable and helped me through a very hard emotional time. Julio has a very calming personality that helped offset my anxiety. Jimmy (Mr. Evans) is very seasoned and can assess the overall situation very quickly saving time and money. I have nothing but kinds words and praise for the entire staff. If you are looking for a caring professional law firm to handle one of the most stressful situations of a lifetime, these are your guys.” – Jennifer Cameron (see review on Google Maps)

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