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In Texas, the court bases its child custody decisions on the best interest of the child or children involved in a legal action. If you are a parent facing a child custody case, it is imperative that you know and understand the factors used by the court when making a best-interest determination on behalf of your children.

At Evans Family Law Group, our child custody attorneys will explain the Texas child custody process to you from start to finish and help you prepare for evaluation by the court. We are confident in our ability to do so as our child custody attorneys have:

  • Decades of family law experience;
  • A reputation for success amongst peers and former clients; and
  • Certification as Texas Family Law Specialists.

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How Our Westlake Child Custody Attorneys Can Help

A Westlake child custody attorney from Evans Family Law Group can offer you more than legal information. They can be your source for creative solutions to unique child custody needs. Your child custody attorney can relieve you from the burden and stress of legal filings and deadlines, allowing you to focus on your children.

In addition, your attorney from Evans Family Law Group can:

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case;
  • Act as a buffer between you and your co-parent in custody negotiations;
  • Reach a mutually acceptable agreement between you and your co-parent; or
  • Present your case before the court for a ruling.

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Child Custody in Westlake

Typically parents sue for child custody in Texas. However, sometimes third parties like grandparents or close family friends have legal standing to do so.

A third party must have served in a parental capacity and have had care, control, and possession of a child for a minimum of six months to pursue custody of that child.

Legal Child Custody in Westlake

Legal child custody is the right to decide a child’s primary residence, medical care, religious upbringing, and education. Texas calls a child’s legal custodian a managing conservator.

Parents may share legal custody of a child as joint managing conservators.

Physical Child Custody in Westlake

Physical child custody refers to where and with whom a child lives. A child’s primary conservator is their physical custodian with whom they primarily reside. The other parent is called the possessory conservator as they receive visitation, also called access to the child according to a schedule.

The possessory conservator is generally the parent who pays child support.

Sole Child Custody in Westlake

In sole child custody, one parent is the sole managing conservator and the primary conservator. This is not the court’s preferred arrangement as there is a presumption children benefit from constant interaction with both parents. However, the court will award sole custody when doing so is in the best interest of the child.

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